A wide variety of options are available to make your stay unforgettable

(extra fee applies)


 Let us do the cleaning at the end of your stay so you can concentrate on getting everything ready!



A bottle of a local red wine and finger food will wait for you on arrival day so you can get acquainted right away with the French "apéritif" tradition. Cheers! 


 16 custom Itineraries to see and discover what needs to be seen and discovered in our beautiful region. You just have to follow our instructions and let the GPS guide you! 


A botanical walk through the local flora and vineyards to discover our beautiful Minervois region, and a picnic with local flavors! 


 Do you have something to celebrate? An anniversary, a birthday, a friendship, an engagement?

A bottle of our regional sparkling wine, a bouquet of fresh flowers and an assortment of finger foods will be waiting for you on arrival day! 



Guided easy hikes so you can discover local secret places such as the old lime ovens, the fabulous "capitelles", the ancient roman road and so much more, around our beautiful village.


 For the day after your arrival only.

Breakfast for two will be waiting for you for the day of your arrival so you can sleep in the next morning!


In house wine tasting from our local partner winery and a complimentary bottle of wine to sip on during your stay.



Individual energy healing sessions or relaxation sessions with aromatherapy, as well as energy massages are available during your stay.

Treat yourself to a mind-body experience!

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